Food New Zealand

The Covid19 Pandemic is changing, for now, the way we all work.

Food New Zealand's design team all work from home, so we have been able to prepare the April/May issue as usual. However, due to New Zealand's lockdown of non-essential services, neither our printer nor mail house are operating.

Happily, Food New Zealand has an online presence on Issuu so we are contacting all those on our regular maillist, plus some extras, with the link to the online edition.

Please enjoy the magazine from your bubble!


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The official magazine of The New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST)



Food New Zealand has been appointed the Official Magazine of the 20th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, 2020.




Food New Zealand, New Zealand’s most credible and informative magazine covering the food manufacturing industry, is published under contract to NZIFST.

It is a feature based publication which covers the industry from meat to dairy, produce to packaging and refrigeration to high pressure processing. Nutrition, food safety, sensory and new product development are all featured.

The editor and writers in the magazine are food technologists or food scientists with extensive industry experience.

Each issue profiles a sector of industry, such as laboratory equipment, analytical services, ingredients, materials handling equipment, consumables and capital items.

Regular features include:

  • NZIFST news: member activities, conferences, courses
  • Meat Industry Association News: Food NZ is endorsed by the MIA and carries regular news for its members
  • Crown Research Institutes and Universities food reports
  • Nutrition research updates
  • Food packaging developments
  • News from the Oils and Fats Group of the NZ Institute of Chemistry

The Food New Zealand scientific review board enables publication of peer reviewed papers.


Food New Zealand was launched in 2000, building on the foundations established by New Zealand Food Journal (Journal of the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (NZIFST)) and Dairy Technology, the publication of the Dairy Industry Association of New Zealand (DIANZ) which were discontinued as independent magazines.


Food New Zealand is published by Peppermint Press Limited. Principals are Anne Scott, Managing Editor, and David Pooch, both graduate food technologists and long-time NZIFST members with significant experience in publishing and business.