Since 2017, Food New Zealand has published reports on projects undertaken by FIET. This page gives you access to the full archive of these reports.


Drying of sticky products

Authors: Prof. Tony Paterson, Dr Lee Huffman, Dr Sebastian Linnenkugel, Dr Aiman Jamsari


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Coaxially induced microwave pasteurisation and sterilisation system

– CiMPAS process development


Authors: Marie-Laure Delabre, Aswathi Soni , Sowmya Katsuri, Steven LeMoan, Emma Rouyer, Jeremy Smith, Rika Takeda, Raul Cruz and Kris Tong


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The natural proteolytic enzymes in meat

– Their role in tenderising and their survival under storage and processing conditions

Authors: Mike Boland, Seah Xin Hui and Lovedeep Kaur

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The use of Pulsed Electric Fields technology for the NZ winemaking industry

Sze Ying Leong, Phil Bremer, Patrick Silcock and Indrawati Oey (University of Otago)


We first reported the Pulsed Electric Fields FIET Project update in the Aug/Sep 2018 issue. Here is an update specifically on the wine project.

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Rapid Freezing of Sheep Milk

Jolin Morel, Lindsay Robertson, Richard Archer

The aim of this project was to devise an affordable and simple, compact freezing method to form small balls, flakes or pellets of milk ice very rapidly and securely. We hoped that such a freezer could also be useful for other applications like freezing fruit pulps, blood, plasma etc.

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Creamed Pomace

– a smooth-textured dietary fibre product from apple pomace

Authors, Richard Archer, Marzieh Eblaghi, Florencia M. Yedro, Erin O’Donoghue, Lee Huffman and John Bronlund

We first reported on the Pomace Creaming FIET project in the June/July 2018 issue. Here is an update – we are in the commercialisation phase now.

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Microwave-assisted processing

Authors: Jeremy Smith, Kris Tong, Aswathi Soni, Raul Cruz, Gale Brightwell, Donald Bailey, Steven LeMoan, Sravani Gupta and Abby Thompson


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Spectral Separations of Potatoes and Honey

Authors: Abhimanyu Singh Garhwal, Reddy Pullanagari, Mo Li, Donald Bailey, Marlon Reis and Richard Archer


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Ultraviolet technologies for shelf life extension in fresh produce

Dr Gonzalo Martinez-Hermosilla and Prof John Bronlund


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FIET projects refreshed, three years into the six year programme

Professor Richard Archer, Massey University

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Milk chilling and farm milk vats

Authors: Mohammad Harris, Richard Archer, Rachel Waite, Refat Al-Shannaq, Kevin Silver


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Preservation of foods using emerging technologies:

A path towards minimally processed, low acid food

Authors: Jawaad Ahmed Ansari, Marliya Ismail, and Mohammed Farid

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Pulsed Electric Field technology

- New potential for New Zealand potato processing and winemaking industries

Authors: Sze Ying Leong, Phil Bremer, Pat Silcock and Indrawati Oey (University of Otago)

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From residue to value product: the use of apple pomace for a diet rich in fibre

Authors: Florencia M. Yedro, Marzieh Eblaghi, Erin O’Donoghue, Lee Huffman, John Bronlund and Richard Archer

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Spray drying of fruit juices project

Authors: Prof. Tony Paterson, Dr Lee Huffman, Sebastian Linnenkugel, Siti Mohd-Rozali

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The use of kiwifruit for tenderising meat

Authors: Mike Boland and Lovedeep Kaur, Riddet Institute

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Rapid freezing for storage of sheep milk

Authors: Richard Archer, Prof Mohammed Farid, Jolin Morel, Dr Georg Ripberger

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Atmospheric freeze-drying – an enabling technology

Authors: Richard Archer, Jim R. Jones, Qun Chen, Lee Huffman

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Adding value by culinary smoking

Authors: Jim Jones, Georg Ripberger, Graham Eyres, Pat Silcock, Richard Archer


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Adding value through processing

Dr Mike Matthews

This paper was presented at the 2017 NZIFST conference in Nelson. Dr Matthews is a food industry consultant and was CEO of the Tatua Cooperative Dairy Company, 1995 - 2008. He is also a Director of Food Industry Enabling Technologies (FIET).

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